Via Oncology

Clinical pathways decision support for cancer


Improving Outcomes

Clinical pathways decision support for cancer

Developed at UPMC CancerCenter in 2005, Via Oncology is a nationally recognized leader in oncology pathways. Its flagship product, Via Pathways, ensures that no matter where a cancer patient is seen, his or her doctor knows the best standards of care, which are constantly reviewed and updated by panels of oncology experts, and the latest clinical trial options. Via Oncology also offers a web-based decision support platform for delivering the Via Pathways that integrates with major EMRs.

About Via Oncology:

  • Clinical decision support for oncology
  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • National network of more than 1,000 oncologists collaborate on pathways


  • Pathways technology developed at UPMC
  • UPMC is primary test ground for Via Oncology products and technology
  • Via Pathways utilized across network of 50 UPMC CancerCenter facilities