Our Story

In any profession, the best always have choices. Among entrepreneurs, the best are women and men with high integrity and brave ideas, along with grit, guts, and determination.

At UPMC Enterprises, we help create health care innovations that will impact the lives of patients in meaningful, lasting ways. To deliver on this promise, we’ve chosen a few focus areas where our insights about health care’s future give us a unique advantage.

We’ve built an impressive team with expertise in health care investing that’s second to none. When we choose to work with an entrepreneur, we work side by side with them and provide full access to UPMC’s vast resources.

As an organization dedicated to Life Changing Medicine, UPMC has defined a bold mission: to shape the future of health care through innovation. At UPMC Enterprises, we help bring this mission to life by turning innovative ideas into growing, thriving businesses. That’s why we want the best to choose UPMC Enterprises. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

“UPMC’s strategic investment in Vivify Health will enable continued development of our mobile solutions for remote health care. We are honored to partner with UPMC as we work together to shape tomorrow’s health care with innovative population health technology.”

Eric Rock
Vivify Health